Security Policy

Leading Security and Encryption
We use the most powerful SSL encryption techniques available to protect your information. We store all account information on a separate back server that is not connected to the internet. It is linked in a one-way interface to a front server, connected to the internet. We encrypt all information while it is in transit. This system places your information immediately outside of the web and is not available to any curious onlookers. 


SSL-3 requires certificates, which are digital identifiers certified by a chain of legal authorities. A certificate authority will check all information to ensure that there is a match.

Secure Connections
Not all browsers support secure connections. To determine whether you are on a site that is secure, please check that a lock or key icon is displayed in the lower corner of your browser window. You can also check by looking at the URL field at the top of your browser. Usually, the beginning of the line is “http” but when it is secure, it will read “https.”

PCI Compliant
GEM & HARMONY is proud to be ceritified and PCI compliant. This means that not only are transactions processed securely but all data storage is completly secure. For more information regarding PCI complianc and the high level of security involved please visit Trustwave the leader in online security and secure testing.

Password Protection
Your personal information is password protected. We do not share passwords with anyone. W
e caution you to choose a password that is difficult to guess, but easy for you to remember. As an extra precaution, close the browser window after completing a session and make sure to sign out.

Placing a secure order at Gem & Harmony
We offer you a choice of transaction options to optimize your shopping experience and to best serve your needs with your security in mind. We accept credit card and e-check orders online and via telephone as well.

Your Credit Card
Gem & Harmony will process your credit card information immediately to obtain instant approval and minimize shipping delays. Gem & Harmony obtains credit card authorization information directly from the card-issuing bank for verification before completing any transaction.

If you prefer not to give us your credit card information over the internet, you can place your order at 1-855-813-7227. One of our experienced customer service representatives will verify the details of your order and take your credit card information.

If you have any questions or concerns about our security policy, please contact us at
[email protected].

For phone orders please mention: GE0003
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