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Tanzanite: The most appealing and fascinating gem of all time . . . 
It is no wonder that many famous jewelers have called it the most desired and admired stone in the world. The gem has a captivating and unusual color that shocked gemologists worldwide. The beauty of the stone and its unique color can brighten up anyone’s day. This alluring blue beauty is an excellent accent to accompany any outfit. It is best worn to brighten up fall or winter attire. The tanzanite represents flawless elegance. A woman who wears this stone wants to be separated from the masses and classified as unique. This stone is a symbol of independence and assurance.

The zodiac sign Sagittarius has always had the blue topaz as its birthstone, but the tanzanite has recently become an acceptable birthstone for the month of December. It is now considered to be as appropriate as the blue topaz when giving a gift to someone born at the end of the year. Tanzanite was only recently sold worldwide after a conference in 2002, therefore there are few folktales or beliefs concerning the stone.

The Legend of Tanzanite
Legend has it that tanzanite was a result of a fire in Tanzania. The story is that in the fire there were brown zoiscite crystals that turned a deep blue purple as a result of the high temperature. The stone was discovered by Masai cattle herders 30 years after the fire. The tanzanite was only discovered in the 1960’s in Tanzania, Africa (hence the name), and quickly spread worldwide after its appearance at the American Gem Trade Association in 2002. The tanzanite ranges a 6.5-7.0 on the Mohs’ scale, making it a very durable stone. Nevertheless, it is to be worn with care.

The tanzanite is a sturdy stone. However, we recommend keeping your tanzanite away from any chemicals such as hairspray and even saltwater. We suggest cleaning your tanzanite with a delicate jewelry cleanser.

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