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Serene Sapphires . . .
The color blue is often associated with the sensation of harmony, peace, friendship, loyalty, and sympathy. The blue sapphire is best suited for a woman with a well-balanced lifestyle and a strong sense of individuality. A woman who is open to spirituality, new ideas, and ventures best represents this stone. Blue is an attractive color, easily worn on any occasion with a wide variety of colors. This fancy stone comes in all shades of blue, from light pale blue to dark midnight blue.

The blue sapphire is the birthstone for the month of September. September is the month of the Virgo, the month of serenity. This gemstone is so known for its representation of trust that it is accepted in many countries as the alternate stone for an engagement ring. It is said to symbolize stability, permanence, and everlasting faith.

The September Gift
The sapphire stone makes an easy gift for anyone born in the month of September. The sapphire represents independence and adventure, so it would be appropriate to buy the sapphire for a woman starting a new job, career, or business. A sapphire makes a perfect gift for a woman with beautiful blue eyes.

This stone is crystallized with intense pressure and heat, deep in the ground. Iron and chrome are the minerals responsible for the color of sapphire. The colors of a sapphire range from yellow, pink, blue, red, and even green. What classifies a stone a sapphire as opposed to other fancy stones has been a question for centuries. It was settled that red sapphires are so unique that they’re in a class of their own. They are now referred to as rubies. Sapphires originate from the country of Sri Lanka. They are valued according to their size, color, and transparency. The most expensive sapphires are referred to as Kashmir stones. 

Sapphires range a 9 on the Mohs’ scale, (a diamond ranking a 10), making the sapphire one of the hardest minerals on earth. Therefore, sapphires are very easy to care for. We recommend keeping your sapphire away from any chemicals such as hairspray and even saltwater. Gem & Harmony suggests a delicate jewelry cleanser for your sapphire.

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