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Aquamarine, the mermaid’s treasure . . .
Feeling sympathetic, trusting, or in sync with the rest of the world? Maybe that’s because you’re in the presence of an aquamarine. From the light blue of the sky to the deep blue of the sea, aquamarines are found in a wide variety of shades. Women and designers around the world love this stone because of its ability to look good on almost any skin tone. It can also be shaped into many fashionable and exciting cuts whose magical attraction is impossible to resist. Aquamarines are great to help bring out those baby blues and they blend beautifully into any wardrobe.

What can the Aquamarine do for you . . .
It has been long believed that the aquamarine protects those of us who venture out onto the water. According to tradition, wearing aquamarine promises the wearer a happy life and brings the wearer wealth and happiness.

Aquamarine . . . makes a wonderful gift!
Since the aquamarine looks good on almost everybody it makes the perfect easy gift. Anybody celebrating their birthday in March will be sure to love this birthstone. It is also a great gift for anybody who likes to spend time in the water since that is when the mystical strength of the aquamarine is at its strongest.

Learn something new everyday . . .
The hardness (7-8 Mohs’ scale) exhibited by the aquamarine helps to protect it from the daily rigors it can receive when worn. Aquamarine receives its beautiful blue color from the iron present during its formation. The translucent color of aquamarine makes it easy to see inclusions. Because of this, aquamarine should always be of the greatest possible transparency. The more intense the color of this stone, the more valuable it is.

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