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A diamond’s brilliance, finish, and proportions are all perceived by the cut of a diamond. A poorly cut diamond will lack radiance even if it has perfect color and clarity.  It is the width and depth of a diamond that determines its luminosity. Both shallow and deeply cut diamonds lack the brilliance of an ideal cut due to the escape of light through the base of the stone.

Today, with the use of a visual measuring apparatus and advanced computer technology, we are capable of determining the exact proportions of light entering through the diamond and to which angle the light reflects through the stone. This conduct of light determines the vividness and radiance of each stone.

Fancy Shaped Diamonds
Any diamond that is not round qualifies as a fancy-shaped diamond. They are all distinctive and diverse, yet each can be classified as one of the following: (Princess, Emerald, Asscher, Oval, Marquise, pear, Radiant, heart, and cushion).

The Princess is the most fashionable of all fancy-shaped diamonds. This cut creates a square or rectangular shaped stone. The princess cut has a unique charm too with regard to its appearance. The allure and elegance of the princess cut significantly compliments the appearance of an engagement ring. The length to width ratios vary in size in accordance to how square or rectangular the stone is. A ratio in the region of 1.0 is a very well designed diamond.

Similar to the princess cut diamond, the emerald is also measured in a length to width ratio. The difference lies in the length of the diamond. The Emerald cut is generally a more rectangular cut stone that gives its brightest impression if the length to width ratio roughly 1.30. Notice as well, that the emerald cut has four rounded edges as opposed to the four pointed edges of the princess cut.

Similar to the emerald, the asscher has four rounded edges but is conversely square in character. Its unique contour emphasizes the clarity of each diamond. Due to its rounded corners it is important to note that color may be perceptible at the edges.

The oval diamond is comparable to the circular shaped diamond. However, the length is greater than that of a circle, giving it an ovular appearance.

The dazzling marquise cut is very exceptional in shape though reminiscent of the oval and pear shaped diamonds. It is ovular in shape with two pointed tips.

The pear shape diamond is ovular in shape with one rounded edge and a point at the opposite end. The pear, marquise, and oval diamonds are appealing to the eye because they are slimming in shape.

Similar to the Asscher cut or emerald, the radiant diamond is square or rectangular in shape. The radiant cut diamond has clipped edges. It is important to note that due to the curved corners, color may be visible in the edges.

The love fashioned diamond is the most unique in shape. This passionate icon is an ideal gift for an anniversary, birthday, or Valentine's Day.

The cushion shaped diamond has larger facets than most fancy shaped diamonds. These larger facets increase the cushion cut diamond’s luminosity as well as lucidity. It is square in shape with rounded corners.

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