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Diamonds come in all colors of the spectrum, from transparent to black. Color is very important when choosing a diamond. The more clear and colorless the diamond, the higher it is graded on the GIA scale. According to the GIA scale, each stone is rated with regard to the amount of color emitted out of the diamond, giving each stone its brilliance. Gem & Harmony sells near colorless diamonds to offer extraordinary value and beauty to every jewelry piece. There are different classifications in grading a diamond’s color.


D: Entirely colorless. This is the highest graded diamond and is exceptionally rare.
E: This is a colorless diamond. A special and rare diamond whose color can only be detected by a professional gemologist.
F: Colorless as well. Tints of color can only be detected by a professional gemologist.
G-H: Near colorless, G-H graded diamonds are considered to be high quality diamonds.
I-J: Near colorless, I-J graded diamonds still maintain an admirable value.
K-M: Faint Yellow.
N-R: Very light yellow.
S-W: Light yellow.
X-Z: Fancy yellow.

A diamond with a faint tint of yellow can look virtually colorless due to fluorescence. Fluorescence is a diamond's reaction to UV light. Generally, the more fluorescence a diamond has, the lower it is valued. Fluorescence can make a diamond in some lights can appear greasy or cloudy.

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