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The more flawless the diamond, the more value it has. Clear and colorless diamonds most often look perfect to the naked eye, yet each stone has what we call imperfections or inclusions. Inclusions are the traces of nature left behind in the birth of each diamond. Whether it is scratches or tiny pieces of minerals left behind, each diamond has what we call its flaws.

It is Important when choosing the size of your stone that if it is less than ¾ carat it is preferable to choose color over clarity. Vice versa when buying a larger stone; clarity overrides the importance of color. Diamonds are graded according to their number of flaws. The more imperfections, the less valuable the stone.

FL, IF (Flawless): Virtually no inside or outside flaws. Very rare.

VVS1, VVS2 (Very very slightly included): Slightly included. A brilliant quality diamond with minimal imperfections that are not visible to the naked eye.

VS1, VS2 (Very slightly included): Slightly included as well. Though not as pricey as those mentioned above, these diamonds are still high in quality.

SI1, SI2 (Slightly included): These diamonds have minor inclusions which are not apparent to the naked eye.

SI3, I1 (Slightly included): These diamonds have minor inclusions which are moderately visible to the trained eye.

I2, I3 (Included): These diamonds have moderate inclusions which are visible to the naked eye. These diamonds are usually promotional diamonds and found in most jewelry retail outlets.

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